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Please read the new Rules and Regulations in accordance with Dubai Municipality.

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Frequently Asked Questions
5.) What is the minimum age limit for pets to participate in competitions?
6.) Can I volunteer at the event?
7.) I would like to post pictures and videos from the event on the website. How can I do that?
8.) Who will be competition judges?
9.) I would like to showcase my product at the next event Craft Fair. How can I do that?
10.) I would like to adopt a dog/cat? Who can I speak to regarding adoption?
11.) Is the schedule only for Dog Competitions and not Cat Competitions?
12.) Am I allowed to bring my dog even if I do not enter him/her into any competitions?
13.) Am I allowed to bring my cat?
14.) Is there an entrance fee to the event?
15.) How do I pay?
16.) How much is the registration fee for classes?
17.) Can I bring my dog even if he/she is not competing in any of the classes?
18.) I don't have any animals, can I come as a spectator?
19.) Can I bring cats/ferrets/guinea pigs/brids/rabbits and other pets?
20.) Are there any activities for cats?
21.) How can I participate in the Craft Village and sell my handicrafts?
22.) Are animals for sale at the event?
23.) Can I register my dog online for competitions?
24.) What are the class categories?
25.) I want to bring my dog to the show. Are there any rules I should observe?
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